A unique element of corporate identity!



An indispensable marketing tool:

The Coolpaq will show that the owner cares about the room staff and visitors – the cover protects water from blooming and the environment from dirt, brought from the outside on the surface of the bottle.

The COOLPAQ unique offer for large consumers of water in 19 liter bottles: 

  • Corporations, business centers, etc
  • Policlinics, hospitals
  • Hotels, catering companies
  • Restaurants and bars.














Manufacturing cost:

Print run Price per 1 coolpaq time of delivery

1 - 9  items

1599 rubles - Full color picture

  799 rubles - Printing logo on plain cover

5 business days

10 -  99 items 

 899 rubles - Full color picture

 699 rubles - Printing logo on plain cover

10 business days

100 - 999 items

 599 rubles - Full color picture

 499 rubles - Printing logo on plain cover

10-20 business days

Over 1000 items


from 20 business days



Pattern for printing an image

  • Printing of finished pattern

Download Requirements and Sample  for preparing the pattern.


  • Making pattern by Coolpaq design bureau

The cost of preparingone pattern based on the customer’s materials: 2000 rubles.



All prices include all taxes of the Russian Federation. Discounts are available separately.

Read the terms of delivery in the Delivery section.

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By special request to the factory we make calculation and provide an exceptionally good offer for your company.

We love and know how to haggle!





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