The COOLPAQ team has developed a special offer for HOD-market companies*.

Covers for cooler bottles will help you to come home to the client and stay there for long. In addition to the beautiful cooler the client will now "play" with covers. To earn together, we have developed two cooperation options for HOD-companies:




1. Expanding the range of additional products by collection covers

A unique discount and single price for the client allow the courier of company to deliver the cover ordered and make an additional sale without additional costs.

Yield from 1 cover delivery and sale is several times higher than the yield from the sale of one bottle of water. The Coolpaq cover does not take place, it is easy - your movers and managers will be pleased!

COOLPAQ will help to sell!We will fully provide you with all promotional materials. A standard promotional set includes: photos, adapted for the online store catalog, printed catalogs, posters, flyers, sample cover for the Coolpaq cooler. And we are always open to new ideas!

Suggested retail price: 599 rubles. 

Minimum purchase: 30 items.

Payment terms: 100% prepayment.


The pricing quotation will be sent upon request. Write us to





2. Ordering a unique edition for your own brand

Manufacturers and owners of water brands can develop covers for cooler bottle with a unique design independently or in conjunction with the COOLPAQ design bureau.

Make an order for the manufacture by gathering the preliminary orders from dealers.


Long print runs for water companies  provide for additional substantial discounts. How to order and base prices are in COOLPAQ with company logo section.












Send an email to

 By special request to the factory we make calculation and provide an exceptionally good offer for your company.


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