COOLPAQ is a decorative cover for the 19-liter cooler bottle of the lightproof fabric with the UV-filter.

It protects water from the sun, keeps useful properties of water and creates a great mood.


COOLPAQ is provided with a window for monitoring the water level. 

It can be easily put on and taken off the 19-liter bottle of drinking water, installed on the cooler.


The idea to create the cover for the cooler is not new, but we made it better and cheaper!

COOLPAQ covers are very durable, do not fade, easy to wash in the washing machine - hygiene is our priority!


COOLPAQ clients

The distributors of water in 19-liter bottles 

Hotels, car dealerships, medical facilities, beauty salons

Large companies

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Small companies, designers, households can choose the modelin the catalog or order own design





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To order a coolpaq, send us an inquiry to: info@coolpaq.com.



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