The address for sending photos:



Coolpaq is a great gift!  

Send us a memorable photo or any image and get a unique Coolpaq.

We accept any photo, scan or image of not less than 1MB in .jpeg, .jpg and .tiff.

A gift made especially for an event will always be the most memorable!

A Coolpaq gift will always be on the eyes and nobody will discard it.
Surprise your colleges or partners with the coolpaq!


The idea: take a photo of any piece of furniture, wall or cabinet, which stands next to the cooler, send us now and get your ideal coolpaq, which fits your room!



A unique offer to designers:

Show your imagination make an ordinary cooler a piece of art! Coolpaq can be made with any image, appropriate to the style of the interior. 




Requirements for printing patterns:

Our designer can adapt any picture! The cost of service is RUB 2000.

But, to speed up and reduce the cost of the process, we will be glad to get the file from you with the following parameters:

Circle diameter – 31см.

Rectangle – 82 х 41см.

Download Requirements and Sample for preparing the pattern.



The cost of producing one exclusive cover – RUB 1599

Time of manufacture - 5 business days 

The address for sending photos:  

Read the terms of delivery in Delivery section.



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