COOLPAQs adorn interior!

COOLPAQs adorn interior! COOLPAQ decorative water cooler cover for bottle will quickly and easily transform the interior of the kitchen, office or any other place where the water cooler is installed. You no longer have to look at the scuffed 19 litre (5 gallons) water bottles that are often delivered dirty. HOD market companies often deliver water cooler bottles covered in a stretch film or plastic bags, and the workers who drink water from these coolers don’t even have time to remove that film. Water bottle case will quickly conceal all defects of the bottle and will become a center of attraction, and a source of good mood.COOLPAQ water cooler bottle cases are very handy! COOLPAQ water cooler 5 gallon bottle covers are easy to put on and take off from the 5 gallon drinking-water bottle. COOLPAQ water cooler drinking-water bottle cover has a water monitoring window which makes it very convenient to use. You can choose a water cooler 5 gallon drinking-water bottle cover from the range of existing models or order a unique, individually designed COOLPAQ. Water cooler 5 gallon drinking-water bottle cover is easy to wash in a washing machine. COOLPAQ water cooler 5 gallon drinking-water bottle cover are very durable since they are made of a very durable cloth with a very long-lasting picture. A picture on COOLPAQ case does not fade even under direct sunlight. COOLPAQ water cooler bottle covers are an irreplaceable advertising vehicle and marketing device. Water cooler bottle covers are very convenient for hostels, hotels and catering companies. You can use a hostel water cooler 5 gallon bottle cover to advertise food suppliers, hostel, restaurant or individual offers. Most major companies on the HOD market have supported the idea of promoting and selling cases for 5 gallon bottles. COOLPAQ – fancy cases for water cooler bottles! Home and office water delivery sellers will be pleased to offer their clients a new product – 5 gallon water cooler bottle cover. Everyone who uses water coolers with 5 gallon bottles – office clerks, people who order water delivery to apartments or country house – all find it impossible now to live without vivid fancy covers for their 5 gallon bottles. A coverless water cooler now looks bare without its own COOLPAQ. COOLPAQ is a case that can be a unique element of an individual style of the major company. Water cooler is one of the right meeting points of the employees. It’s better to drink clear water from 5 gallon bottles, than to smoke. A nice coffee-break during work-time will also become patriotic, if a company supplies every bottle with a fancy cover. A 5 gallon bottle, decorated with a company case, will tell employees that the company covers about the health of its staff. COOLPAQ cover for 5 gallon bottles protects water from light and adorns every water cooler room! COOLPAQ water cooler cover protects water from sun! We all often drink water from water cooler at office, home or public places. Water coolers are often installed in well-lit places and sun is the primary danger for water in the 5 gallon bottles. Water may grow moldy due to sunlight. Coolpaq is a new fancy product. Coolpaq is a unique case for a standard 5 gallon bottle, used for water coolers. Coolpaq water cooler 5 gallon bottle cover protects water from direct sunlight and preserves its useful properties. You can make your own cover for a water cooler but it won’t protect from ultraviolet light, while coolpaq covers are all made of special fabric that is protected from UV-light. Even the brightest coolpaq covers won’t let light into your water. Covers for water coolers are usually hand-made by caring housewives, so they contain ruching, goffering, they look very attractive and home-like. Such cases are put on a bottle to hide the 5 gallon bottle. Water cooler covers should not cover the heating parts of water cooler to prevent fire. Water cooler covers may be changed every day to create a good mood on daily basis. If you sew handy pockets to the cover, it will be possible to store tea, coffee and spoons there. Water coolers are best for making brewing tea, since a cased water cooler preserves the clean, natural and fresh water, and while heating a water cooler preserves these properties.